Wolves and fairies


This time we are carrying wolves, eagles and buffalo heads made roughly in silk
And a bag of fabric
Again to listen and make pieces in the moment

We are in Arizona and heading for Phoenix to the reservations

On the way a shaman tells us we are fairies
I rip up some silk and make some fairy dresses

The first day we sit in the red rocks and make a fabric sage blessing

Across the way from the facing canyon wolves howl back
And we hear drums

We travel to the reservations to Mr Benally the medicine man

When we reach him he puts on the wolf
I see transformation

He tells us the white buffalo has come
And there will be a great time of change


A rhythm is starting to take place in this journey
that stays for all of them
It's joy

It's the first and the last name of the people we have met
And everyone in-between

Transformation has got us to joy