Magic and wings


I find myself in the basement of a cafe in Nebraska mid winter, making a waitress a pair of wings

This is the beginning of all the journeys
How did I get here? 
I remember
I wanted to undo everything I knew
Wanted to connect

Nebraska was a big blank white empty
And we knew it was called the heartland

I was with my oldest friend
We were looking for a small town called Papillion
I needed to make some make wings

I have a bag of raw fabrics, a lot of silver and golds, white wool
and pins and needles
And some capes I made

Sasha has her white t-shirts
And her letters
She is a t-shirt maker
Guardian of the creative and angel of storytelling


We start listening to people
Making pieces for them in the moment
that they can take away

The wings get us to Papillion
In Papillion we find magic

And magic teaches me to trust

Here at the beginning
I understand there is magic in these journeys

felicity brown magic and wings nebraska angel cape.jpg